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As an international management and strategy consulting firm headquartered in Nuremburg (Germany), our services and impact over the years have built fruitful cross-industry relationships with large corporations, mid-sized companies, start-ups, venture capital companies and communal organisations. Our goal is to connect Germany with the rest of the world, offering expertise in areas akin to global expansion. We are agile and have a founder’s spirit while thriving in corporate board rooms. The benefits to our clients and associates: multi-national expertise, expansiveness & depth in our solutions while being approachable, future-oriented and pragmatic.

Our solutions are designed for and dedicated to the long-term and thriving businesses of our clients. In doing this, we constantly remain considerate of the impact on other stakeholders.

Our solutions are based on most recent data, research as well as state-of-the-art methods and we consult to implement. In addition to Germany, we continuously expand our presence to attractive investment destinations around the world.

Our teams are a unique combination of inter- and multidisciplinary experts. We are also diverse in terms of backgrounds and world views, which, in turn, translates into great value for our clients.



Timo Schusser

The future belongs to those, who adapt to repeatedly reinventing themselves.

– Timo Schusser, President & CEO


What We Do

We accompany companies to international success. Our comprehensive expansion packages guide SMEs through every part of the process. In these fields, we have set out our areas of expertise.

Born and bred in Germany, we offer access to an attractive market and provide essential local know-how – the perfect starting point for your business success in Europe.

With our affiliates in San Francisco, London and Singapore as well as global partnerships we do not only provide international expertise, but connections to expand.

Through our sister company The Next Unicorn Ventures we bear a wide network of innovative start-ups in deep tech verticals around the globe.

international expansion consulting


Our consulting core competences lie in the fields of strategy, compliance and technology. We developed a step-by-step expansion plan for small and mid-sized companies to expand successfully – in what form so ever. Every organization and every country is different, so we need to adapt your business individually to new customer demands and market dynamics.

corporate sustainability


The mega trend sustainability is changing consumer behaviours, value propositions as well as the expectations towards companies and employers. Regulations, standards and especially the cultural perception of sustainability differs between countries. Through industry, trend and market analysis we can assess the form of sustainable processes, products and services you should implement to match local customer demand.

global compliance management


Our compliance experts guide our clients to conduct their business in accordance with prescribed legislation, regulations and even applicable standards and norms in the target country. Besides consultation, we offer compliance audits for a specific region as well as cyber security solutions. Compliance and Corporate Governance are at the core of our DNA. It's our culture - not just a policy.

international data transfer & security


Processing data globally and safely is a crucial task in international business. We can advise on cloud systems or other storage options and smart internal processes. Especially in small companies we need to implement systematic and automatic procedures to guarantee cyber security. We specialized on finding easy but sufficient solutions – no need for bureaucracy monsters.

corporate digital responsibility (CDR) & digital ethics


In the era of digitalisation, companies are challenged more than ever to trade responsibly and the pressure is increasing steadily. Digital ethics must be implemented in offerings and processes by default or by design for long-term trust of customers and partners. We work on solutions to implement and live corporate digital responsibility (CDR).

international alliances & venturing


You cannot be everywhere and know everything: You need global partners. For all your start-up scouting needs, especially in deep tech, we are the perfect partner: innovative and with seamless connectivity. Furthermore, we can connect you with local institutions to build strategic alliances. Let’s find out which form of M&A activity is the right one for your expansion.

Featured Topics

What we are passionate about


Digital Sovereignty as a chance for Europe

This EU initiative aims at positioning Europe as a competitive leader in world-class, socially responsible and sustainable high-tech. The concept has evolved to become a discursive practice in politics and policy and challenges companies – whether located in or trading in Europe – to invest in trustworthy digital products and services. It includes data sovereignty, diversity, soft- and hardware sovereignty as well as jurisdiction.

Responsibility and ethics in the digital world

The rapid expansion of digitalization also came with unfortunate realities of the misuse and theft of personal and other sensitive data. Companies have the added pressure to show responsibility in all aspects of their business – product design, compliance, digital ethics, management, business relations. Digital Ethics becomes a criterion to assess companies.

Vulnerability in International Data Transfer

In this current digital era, personal data is possibly transferred globally. Expanding to Europe, a company is required to comply with the EU GDPR protection regulations and needs to appoint a EU representative. Meanwhile personal data captured and processed outside of the EU makes it vulnerable to lower standards of protection and therefore EU companies wishing to expand outside the region must consider the specific provisions relating to cross-border data flows and privacy protection in international trade.

There is no way around Global Compliance

Complying with local laws and regulations is essential for companies in a global environment. More and more big players require established Compliance processes for cooperation. The topic gains enormous relevance to build trust and can be an important competitive advantage – in a world where it becomes more and more difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition. Being and staying globally compliant is the only option for sustainable success – the complexity of this topic is no excuse.

valvisio international AG

is part of valvisio group headquartered in Germany. The valvisio group companies combine different expertise, which serve to provide our clients with "one-stop-shop" value.

valvisio group - Ecosystem (White)

Our Locations

Beside our headquarters in Nuremberg, we are proud of our R&D center in Berlin as well as further branches in the USA, the UK and South East Asia.





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New information makes new and fresh ideas possible.

– Zig Ziglar

author, salesman and motivational speaker
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